Property Management Team

Nicole Walsh

Title:Project Manager

Fun Fact:  The only time I eat ketchup is on McDonald’s cheeseburgers.

Nicole’s Why


“Real estate that improves lives” isn’t just for clients. Working for D’Angelo has improved my life. As a stay at home mom for 5 years, D’Angelo was where I landed when I decided to enter back into the workplace. Here I have found purpose and the realization that I am more than just a mom. I feel so grateful to have settled into a place that supports me AND my family. Throughout the changes within the business and with the market, I have never once had to worry. The broker would always remind me that “we’ll figure it out”. Because of this, he has become someone that I respect a great deal. Coupled with co-workers that have turned into friends, I don’t necessarily need a why. Coming into work each day is an adventure for which I am incredibly thankful.

Considering a career at D’Angelo Realty group? Don’t ask yourself why. Ask yourself why not!

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